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Valery Shishkin (1961), is one of the best figurative artists in Russia. He comes from a very famous family of artists that have dominated the realistic art scene in Russia for over 100 years.

The paintings of his great-grandfather Ivan Iwanowitsch Schischkin still hang in all major Russian museums and large galleries. Valery's works reflect his great love for Renaissance paintings and at the same time a strong desire for expressive autonomy and harmony.

The originality of his vision is reflected in the abundance of motifs, the quality of his chiaroscuro mood and the dramatic light effect on the figures and objects in his paintings. His paintings are typically Russian: always a bit melancholic, but also optimistic, sensual, colorful and flooded with light.

He graduated from Ural College of Applied Arts and Russian State Pedagogical University. AI Herzen. Member of the Union of Russian Artists since 1997. For many years he worked in the art fund of the Union of Artists of the USSR, took an active part in various exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, other Russian cities and abroad . The author's works are in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, Great Britain, Japan and other countries.

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